Lipocils Expert Limited Edition Eyelash Serum
Lipocils Expert Limited Edition Eyelash Serum
Lipocils Expert Limited Edition Eyelash Serum
Lipocils Expert Limited Edition Eyelash Serum
Lipocils Expert Limited Edition Eyelash Serum

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Lipocils Expert Limited Edition Eyelash Serum

Eyelash Enhancement and Pigmentation Serum

“Say goodbye to false lashes in a matter of weeks with this naturally enhancing formula!” Lucy P.

Discover the beauty of naturally bolder and more beautiful lashes in just 28 days with Talika’s expertly formulated Lipocils Expert, now available in limited edition anniversary packaging. We've put the benefit of our more than 70 years of expertise to great use by creating this natural formula that encourages boldening, strengthening and natural curling of lashes. This unique formula uses key ingredients including the Mythical Botanical Complex and silk proteins which give the appearance of fuller and bolder lashes from the very first use. With the addition of Coleus forskohlii in the expert formula, lashes also become naturally darker due to stimulated melanin synthesis meaning many users no longer feel the need to wear mascara or false lashes.

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After approximately 30 days of treatment, most users experienced a noticeable enhancement of their lashes, which appeared to be bolder-looking, fuller and more healthy.


 the lashes are visibly fuller

 Pigmentation may appear visibly darker

The curl of the lashes may appear enhanced

How to use

Morning & evening as a 28-day treatment, to be repeated every 3 months.

Application is much like a mascara, with the ergonomic and easy to use brush catching lashes easily while the foam tip allows for precise application at the root of the lashes.


 Step 1

Apply to the base of the lashes using the foam tip

 Step 2

Sweep upwards along the entire length of the lashes

 Step 3

Use AM and PM


 Step 4

28-day treatment, repeated every three months


Unique Formula: 

  • Talika Mythical Plant Complex (witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut, St. John's wort): stimulates eyelash enhancement.
  • Coleus forskohlii: stimulates the synthesis of melanin in the eyelash to intensify its natural pigmentation.
  • Peptide Expert: improves the quality of the eyelash bulb to strengthen the anchoring of the eyelash and slow down its sag. Anti-aging effect.
  • Silk proteins: sheath the eyelash.


97% of ingredients of natural origin. Tested under dermatological control.


Key ingredients:




 Horse chestnut

 St. John's wort

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Best product

Ive been using the eye lash serum for a while now and it works miracle . I have my lashes back , almost full like before , when younger as im getting up there in my 50.

so good

I used to use this religiously for about a year a few years ago and had such amazing improvement in my lashes but had to stop for a while due to the high price point. I just repurchased about a week ago and don't know why I ever stopped. My lashes genuinely look longer and thicker a week into using it. I have pretty blessed natural lashes but the serum enhances them so much they look amazing and a bonus, mascara goes on so much smoother after I started using the serum again. If you're thinking about purchasing 100% do it! I would recommend this product forever.

Love this serum!!

I have been using Talika for over a month now and just love the difference the serum has made to my lashes. My lashes are fuller and longer than they have ever been, really happy with this product and will definitely purchase again.

Mind blown by this product

I’ve recently removed my eyelash extensions after 2 years and let me tell you, my natural lashes were almost non-existent. One week of using this product morning and night, and I’m absolutely blown away by the results. For the first time in years I’m loving my natural lashes!

So far so good!

I expect this item will take a while to actually work... I have recently stopped getting fake lashes so I needed a serum to fix my damage. Fingers crossed this will make them grow.