Bubble Mask Bio-Detox
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox
Bubble Mask Bio-Detox

Bubble Mask Bio-Detox

Anti-Pollution Mask

“Get the benefits of an oxygenating detox in this revolutionary sheet mask packed with nutrients and sensations!” Gracie R.

In just 10 minutes your skin can be soothed, rehydrated, detoxified thanks to Talika’s scientifically formulated Bio-Detox mask. The carbonated tissue of the mask reacts with the skin to create thousands of oxygen microbubbles which gently cleanse while bamboo charcoal absorbs impurities and probiotics rebalance and strengthen the skin. Dermatologically tested, this mask is perfect for rejuvenating weakened skin in a single treatment.

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The best at-home oxygenating bubble sheet mask. The clinically proven formula detoxes and brightens skin while protecting from pollution.

Skin is cleansed and detoxified

Skin is better protected from external pollutants

Skin should be brighter in appearance

How to use

Unfold the mask and apply it on a clean, dry face. A fine and dense foam forms.

After 10 minutes, remove the mask, massage the foam on the face, rinse with clear water. Single use mask.


 Step 1

Separate the mask from it's protective backing.

 Step 2

Apply on face gently smoothing out the folds

 Step 3

Leave on for 10 minutes


Unique Formula: 

  • Bamboo charcoal, known for its detoxifying power, adsorbs impurities and generates a controlled dose of infrared which stimulates skin microcirculation to promote cellular exchanges.
  • The probiotic extract from the fermentation of rice during the manufacture of makgeoli rebalances and strengthens the skin.
  • 100% active ingredients of natural origin which act together to take care of weakened skins.

Key ingredients:


 Morus alba

 Rice extract

 Grape extract

 Bamboo charcoal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brooke L.
Love the bubbles!

Sooooo great! It makes my skin so glowy and fresh and the bubbles are so satisfying (even if you look a little crazy!)

Alice G.
My favorite mask ever!

The only thing better than how absolutely insane it looks when the foam developed is how it makes your skin feel afterwards. My favorite mask ever!

Bella U.
My go-to sheet mask

So fun! Really great mask!!

Skyler H.
In love with this mask

It does a lot for making your skin feel detoxed but it doesn’t feel like you’re putting chemicals on your face- just very natural and enjoyable.