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Looking for some A-list inspiration? Here's what the land of celebrity is saying about Talika...

Watch Liv Tyler Do Her 25-Step Beauty and Self-Care Routine

Liv Tyler lets the world in on her number-one de-puffing secret, Talika’s Eye Therapy Patches which she whips out of the refrigerator and applies them for a cooling effect in her Vogue Beauty Secrets.

These Undereye Patches Are So Good, Even Will Smith Uses Them

Will Smith posted from the set of Bad Boys with his skincare must-haves- crediting the Talika Eye Therapy Patches with being what keeps his character's eyes 'Moist & Supple' behind the scenes!

Lana Condor’s Guide to Moisturizing Skin Care and Feel-Good Blush

Lana Condor swears by the Bubble Mask Bio Detox for an after flight refresh and shares her joy at the mask's foaming action in her Vogue Beauty Secrets.

How To Glow Like Justin Bieber For Under $15

Justin Bieber posted his latest sheet mask obsession right before the Grammy's and on the approach to his tour- sparking interest in his mask of choice, the Bio Enzymes Hydrating Mask.

Cynthia Erivo Shares Her Guide to Skin Care and All-Brown Makeup

Cynthia Erivo talks about discovering products that work for her skin such as the Talika Bio Enzymes Anti-Aging Mask, stating that even though aging skin is not a huge concern, the mask 'has everything' in her Vogue Beauty Secrets.

Drew Barrymore, 44, Loves These Eye Patches to Reduce Puffy, Dark Under-eyes

Drew Barrymore shared her installment of her #BeautyJunkieWeek, claiming that Talika Eye Therapy Patches are essential to her pre-work routine.

3 products Lady Gaga uses to get 'the most incredible skin in the business'

In an interview with Lady Gaga's makeup artist, she explains the three Talika masks that Gaga swears by- the Bio Enzymes Hydrating Mask for flights, the Bio Enzymes Anti-Aging Mask for makeup prep, and the Bio Enyzymes Purifying Mask for after a show!

The Answer to Clear, Ageless Skin Like Drew Barrymore’s Is Only $12

 Drew Barrymore is outspoken about her beauty favorites and credits the Bio Enzymes Anti-Aging Mask with keeping her skin clear and hydrated.

11 Cult-Favorite French Beauty Products You Can Buy Online

The Talika Eye Therapy Patches are listed as a French Beauty top pick with reference to the many celebrities that use them, including Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields, Missy Elliott, and Bill Murray.